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Developing a Whale Fluke Identification Catalogue for the Gold Coast Humpback whale resting area (joined project, see also AMMC, since 2012 - ongoing)


Whale Watch or No Watch: Vulnerability assessment and adaption to climate change in the whale watch industry (2014-16)

Healthy Whales Research Program. Determining infections, deseases and food depletion in migrating humpback whales (since 2014 - ongoing )

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Marine mammal strandings on the east coast of Australia and environmental drivers (Hons Gabby Keating, completed)


How effective are Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) at protecting mobile predatory fish species? (PhD Christopher Henderson, completed)

Humpback Whale distribution relative to environmental conditions on the east coast of Australia (PhD Joshua Reinke)

Distribution and behaviour of humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) cows and calves migrating south through the Gold Coast region, Queensland, Australia (MPhil Laura Torrre)

Movement and feeding ecology of the estuary sting ray (Dasyatis fluviorum) in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia (PhD Ciaran Morris

Hammerhead sharks of south-east Queensland: habitat, oceanography and movements (PhD Johann Gustafson)

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Project title

An app to adapt: developing ‘tablet computer’ technology to improve elicitation of expert opinion from stakeholders engaged in climate change adaptation research - 2015

Biological marine hot spots in New Zealand - 2015

Whale Acoustics - 2014

HHR research intern whale surveys and community engagement - Jul-Nov 2014

App2Adapt - 2013-14

The influence of boating on the behaviour of Gold Coast resident bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates) - Feb-July 2013

Monitoring humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) movement in a highly urbanised area: Gold Coast, Australia - Aug-Nov 2013

Whale Trails – a smart phone application for whale tracking - 2013

Dolphin presence in coastal fronts, east coast of Australia - 2013

Shark net entanglement - 2012-13

Whale Trails for Androids - Feb-June 2012

Whale Trails for iOS planning - Feb-June 2012

HHR research intern whale surveys and community engagement - June-August 2012

Fish In, Mozzies Out - 2010-13

Movement patterns, habitat use and habitat dimension of tropical estuarine crabs - 2009-13

Oceanic Processes that affect Humpback Whale Strandings on the Gold Coast, Australia. - August-Oct 2011

Humpback Whale Distribution - July-Sept 2011

HHR research intern whale surveys and community engagement - July-August 2011

Whale Health - June-August 2011

HHR research intern whale surveys and community engagement - June-August 2011

Ocean Turbulence and Mixing Dynamics in Offshore Gold Coast Waters - May-July 2011

Development of a whale fluke database - 2011

Ocean acidification impacts on shellfish aquaculture - 2011

NatGeo Crittercam deployment on humpback whales - 2011

Monitoring humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) behaviour in a highly urbanised coastline: Gold Coast, Australia - 2010-11

Humpback Whale distribution relative to ocean processes on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - 2010-11

Industry Replacement Sea World - 2010

A protection and rehabilitation strategy of estuaries in the Burnett Mary Region - 2009-10

Performance and physiological responses of combined t bar and PIT tagged mud crabs (Scylla serrata) - 2009-10

Evaluating the environmental drivers of mud crab (Scylla serrata) catches in Australia. - 2008-10

Marine Vertebrates - 2009

Antenna system - 2008

Fishing impacts in the Torres Strait - 2008

Torres Strait tide prediction - 2008

NatGeo Crittercam deployment on bull sharks - 2007-08

Influence of climate and estuarine habitat characteristics on coastal fisheries - a case study for Queensland, Australia - 2004-08

Connectivity of fish habitats - 2006-07

Evaluation and assessment of plant protection products - 2004

Patterns and determinants of rare vertebrates in the Australian tropical rain forest - Effects of global climate change on geographic distributions of endemic vertebrates in the Australian - 2001-02