Healthy Whales Expeditions

Departure dates:




Start and end point: Cleveland, Queensland, Australia. Destination: North Stradbroke Island


Cost: 1245 AUD per person for bookings go to Earthwatch.

Max number per trip : 6


ActivitiesJoin me collecting data on whales’ movement, health and habitat to discover trends in their population health and status. The observations you make and data you collect will contribute to our innovative long-term monitoring program by Humpbacks & High-rises  that will educate the community and encourage politicians to protect their ecosystem.


You’ll take part in a wide range of activities, including locating and photographing whales, using the Whale Trails app to describe behavior, surveying the number of whales, measuring water properties and assisting with lab work at the research station.

This research will be utilising some exciting new equipment such as the flying drone (colloquially known as “the snotbot”), to collect whale spray as well as GPS loggers, and hydrophones (underwater recorder to track sounds) and surveying equipment.  


The Trip

North Stradebroke Island

Visit the second largest sand island in the world and stay at a world class research station to be part of a unique research program.



 Meet the 5th largest animal on earth in the whale migration corridor near Flatrock. Record vocalisation and collect whale skin.


Point Lookout

Undertake land based observations to track whales and count them.


Unique encounters with marine life and participate in state of the art research to help protect whales. 


The unknown behavior of amazing humpback whales above and below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.


What it means to be a marine biologist and share the sea with whales, dolphins and dugongs.