Minke whale expedition

Departure dates:

18th June - 03rd July 2019

04th July - 17th July 2019


Start and end point: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Destination: Lizard Island.


Cost: 9495 AUD per person for bookings go to Rustic Pathways.

Max number per trip : see provider


Activities: Join this extreme two-week, 21-dive expedition on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  In your first week, learn-to-dive and get certified as a PADI open-water diver. If you’re already a diver, get advanced certification during a three-day liveaboard dive trip! After 9 dives, enjoy a couple days back on dry land and learn about environmental issues threatening the reef. Then, venture out to sea again on another four-day live-aboard dive expedition to partner get involved with research and swim with Dwarf Minke Whales! During this exclusive 12-dive expedition, you’ll venture to the far reaches of the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel with whales and record observations on their behavior, which directly contributes to the ongoing research of James Cook University. 


The Tour


Visit the tropical gateway city to reef and rainforest.  Land and sea are connected and and here you will start your connection.

Great Barrier Reef

A true natural wonder that you will explore, experience and be part of.

Lizard Island

This unique island in far North Queensland is home to lizards, a world class research station and 100 year old clams.


Diving and snorkeling with some of the most iconic marine life and learn about marine conservation and science.


The Great Barrier Reef and its million life forms. Discover the connection between land and sea.


Research on behaviour and movement of Minke whales and the importance of the reef system for Australia.