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News stories, movies, radio interviews and newspaper articles and interviews are an important component of effective science communication. Here are some of my most recent stories:


Channel 9 News "Dolphins on the Gold Coast" 16.03.2016

Channel 9 News "Sharks and cold water intrusion" 05.02.2016

Channel 9 News "Shark nets on the Gold Coast" 03.02.2016

Channel 9/NBN News "Whale stranding and sharks" 16.01.2016 

 ABC Gold Coast "Stingrays" 20.11.2015

ABC Gold Coast "Whale season 2015" 07.10.2015

SUN "Slow take up on shark-app" 02.03.2016

SUN/Gold Coast Bulletin "Dolphins local since 20 years" 10.02.2016

Tweed Daily News "Removal of buried whale" 22.01.2016

Gold Coast Bulletin/Daily Telegraph "Stranding whales and sharks" 14.01.2016