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ABC Gold Coast "Whale Season Summary"

ABC Gold Coast "Unusual Whale Season" 04.10.2018

ABC Gold Coast "Whale encounter Tweed Head" 01.10.2018

Independent radio Melbourne, Out of the blue "Whale research on the Gold Coast" 23.09.2018

ABC Radio Sunshine Coast "Injured whale" 14.06.2018

Hot Tomato Gold Coast "Injured whale sightings" 14.06.2018

ABC Gold Coast "Whale season summary" 27.09.2017

ABC Radio Triple J "Dispose of dead whale" 22.09.17

Nova Deutschlandfunk "Neue Sandbänke - weniger Wale"29.08.2017

SRF Radio (Swiss) "Baulärm vertreibt Buckelwale" 13.08.2017

ABC Gold Coast "Whale hit by boat" 08.08.2017

4BC "Gathering for whale calf" 16.07.2017

ABC Gold Coast "Humpbacks & High-rises volunteering" 04.04.2017

ABC Gold Coast "Gold Coast Cruiseship Terminal" 22.03.2017

ABC Gold Coast "Whale season summary" 22.10.2016

ABC Gold Coast "Migaloo" 28.07.2016

ABC Gold Coast "Stingrays" 20.11.2015

ABC Gold Coast "Whale season 2015" 07.10.2015

ABC Gold Coast/Brisbane "Whale snot sampling" 28.10.2014

ABC Gold Coast Radio "Whale season summary" 13.10.2014

4BC Brisbane Radio "Shark attack Byron Bay" 10.09.2014

ABC Radio Gold Coast "Whales on the Gold Coast" 12.08.2014

ABC Brisbane Radio "Whales on Straddie" 18.07.2014

4BC Brisbane Radio "Stranded Whale Palm Beach" 10.07.2014

4BC Brisbane Radio "WhaleTrails" 27.06.2014

Eastside Sydney Radio “Humpbacks & High-rises” 25.11.2013

4EB Community Radio “Whale watching” 22.11.2013

4BC Brisbane Radio “Shark nets should go” 21.10.2013

ABC Radio Gold Coast (8 times) featured and setting up first ABC Gold Coast whale program 18.10.2013 


Deutschlandfunk “Der Muschel wird das Meer zu sauer” 27.03.2010