.               Newspaper articles

Gold Coast Bulletin/SUN News " Whale researchers buoyed by bumper season and giant mammals playful behaviour" 06.11.2018

Gold Coast SUN "Marine life at risk from balloons" 16.09.2018

News.com.au "Climate Change" 05.09.2018

Gold Coast Bulletin "Jetskiers and baby whales" 09.07.2018

Gold Coast Bulletin "Baby Humpback whale at mercy of jet skiers" 08.07.2018

Boat Gold Coast "Beyond whale watching season - humpbacks" 12.06.2018

Gold Coast Bulletin/SUN "Injured whale" 12.06.2018

Brisbane Times "Dolphins spotted in the Brisbane River" 15.02.18

Gold Coast SUN "No net gain" 03.01.2018

Gold Coast Bulletin "Humpback whales move in close" 13.10.17

Gold Coast Boat Magazine "Giving Back to the whales" 21.09.17

CentralTelegraph "Whale removed from beach" 10.10.17

Herald Sun/Gold Coast Bulletin/The Mercury "Dredging driving whales away" 20.07.17

New York Times "Whale surveys" 05.07.17

Gold Coast Bulletin "Migaloo" 13.07.17

SUN "Whale Season" 24.05.2017

Adelaide Now "Boaties hassling whales" 10.05.2017

The Mercury "Whale numbers boom of the coast" 09.05.2017

Gold Coast Bulletin "Whale population of the Gold Coast boom" 09.05.2017

SUN "Call to retain green islands" 01.02.2017

SUN "Whale Watch celebrates" 20.12.2016

FahThai Magazine "Thailand Expedition" Jan/Feb 2017

SUN "Whale numbers are up" 15.11.2016 

Gold Coast Bulletin "Lifeguards watch Burleigh whales" 01.08.2016

Gold Coast Bulletin "Gold Coast tour operators allegedly too close to rare white whale" 28.07.2016

Australian Geographic "Son of Migaloo makes appearance off Byron Bay" 27.07.2016

Gold Coast Bulletin "Majestic mammal of Gold Coast was Migaloo" 27.07.2016

Boat Gold Coast "Humpbacks in the limelight" 15.07.2016

Liquify Magazine "A cataclysmic micro plastic crisis" 01.07.2016

SUN "Warning bells ring on Oceans's health" 11.05.2016

Mashable "Pod of whales hunts down shark in Australian waters" 11.05.2016

SUN "Slow take up on shark-app" 02.03.2016

SUN/Gold Coast Bulletin "Dolphins local since 20 years" 10.02.2016

Tweed Daily News "Removal of buried whale" 22.01.2016

Gold Coast Bulletin/Daily Telegraph "Stranding whales and sharks" 14.01.2016

Liquify Magazine "Swimming with Minke Whales" 14.12.2015

Brisbane Times "Citizen Science keeping whales happy and healthy" 17.10.2015

Gold Coast Bulletin "Hundreds of whales in Gold Coast waters" 07.09.2015

Hill to Headlands "Humpbacks our favorite tourists" 01.09.2015

The Guardian "Swimming with whales" 18.08.2015

Gold Coast Bulletin "Whale debate over white whale on the Gold Coast" 11.08.2015

Redland City Bulletin "Straddie top whale watching spot" 15.06.2015

Gold Coast Bulletin "Gold Coast leads the way in new whale research" 12.06.2015

SUN "Hi-tech research helps Humpbacks" 11.06.2015

BLANK Gold Coast "Humpbacks, High-rises and shark nets" 01.06.2015

Gold Coast Bulletin "Baby Boomers threat" 28.05.2015

BLANK Gold Coast "Shark encounters suggested" 19.05.2015

SUN "Divers urge shark feeding program" 14.01.2015

SUN "Sharkbreak" 07.01.2015

Yahoo News "Qld. researchers uses drone to capture whale mucus" 28.10.2014

Mashable "Drone used to capture whales blow off the coast of Australia" 29.10.2014

Holistic Living Magazine Issue 3 "Humpbacks & High-Rises" August 2014

Suburban Living Magazine "Humpbacks and beach shacks: Advances in whale researcher on North Stradebroke Island" August 2014

SUN "Shark nets a danger for whales" 30.07.2014

Gold Coast Bulletin "Heartbreaking footage of a dead baby whale that died in shark nets off Gold Coast" 23.07.2014

Redland Times "Migaloo spotted of Straddie" 27.06.2014

Bayside Bulletin "Tour the humpback highway" 09.06.2014

SUN "New phone lets people tell tails" 03.06.2014

SUN "Marine life risk near drumlines" 28.05.2014

SUN “Mammals migration could be a current affair” 18.12.2013

Gold Coast Bulletin “Pitch to sign off on nets” 22.10.2013

Courier Mail “Push to drop shark nets to save whales” 21.10.2013

SUN “Watchers help save surfers” 03.10.2013

SUN “Push to lift shark nets during whale migration” 25.10.2013

SUN “Immersive experience” 08.08.2013

Gold Coast Bulletin “Whale TV” 29.09.2012

Epoch Times “New research probes increased whale strandings” 12.08.2012

SUN “Cruiseships could kill whale watch industry” 10.08.2012

Student Advisor “Working with sea creatures” 31.05.2012

Gold Coast Bulletin “Whale snack snap no fluke” 16.09.2011

FISH Magazine “Humble mud crab a climate tracker” 17.07.2010

The Australian “Strait data to predict disaster” 28.05.2008

Fraser Coast Chronicle “Chip in to help student with fish study” 31.10.2007

Courier Mail “Fish´n Chips” 27.10.2007

Bundaberg News “Fisho lands special fish” 2007


Deutsche Zeitungen

Standard "Aufbau von Sandbänken stört Wale" 14.09.2017

Süddeutsche Zeitung "Wale müssen Surfern weichen" 28.08.2017

Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung "Unter Segeln ins Delfin-Paradis" 06.11.2014

Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung “Auf Walfang” 08.08.2011

Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung “Hai mit Kamera” 25.05.2009

Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung “Mit Willi tief im Regenwald” 17.03.2009